Digital Certificate Resellers

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Digital certificate resellers are individual web-hosts licensed by the creator of a digital certificate to distribute the certificates on their own, to their clientele. This allows the hosts to integrate secure features, such as SSL and 128-bit encryption into the packages that they already offer their clientele. As more private individuals are venturing into ecommerce, digital certificate resellers provide the right tools to begin making money online.

Being a digital certificate reseller is beneficial not only to the clients, but to the resellers themselves. Because digital certificates are usually provided directly from the original source, there are no overhead costs for the reseller. Digital certificate resellers simply pay for the certificates as they sell them, meaning that they never have to deal with an expense without receiving immediate profits.

The Value of Being a Digital Certificate Reseller

Because the process of digital certificate distribution is so automated and regulated, there are virtually no difficulties for digital certificate resellers. By offering custom digital certificates, resellers increase the drawing power of their services, as the certificates are a crucial point for any potential customers wishing to exchange any information, financial or otherwise, via their websites. In addition to winning new customers, resellers are also capable of earning from $10-$100 per sale, depending on the level and usage of the security that they provide.

The ease with which profits can be made by reselling digital certificates is enhanced by several additional factors. Most distributors pay resellers by direct deposit into a bank account, and the arrangements for doing so can be made almost instantaneously. The prices of the digital certificates, as well as the actual distribution, is handled by the original distributor, who then pays out to the reseller. This means that, without having to put any money down, or invest any time in the management of digital certificates, the reseller is still capable of earning consistent profits, deposited directly into his bank account.

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