Email Filtering Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Email filtering software lets you dictate exactly what does and does not reach your personal computer or other client PCs on your network. Such programs are perfect for purging "spam" from email inboxes, which is a major reason they're so popular with private consumers and businesses alike. One recent report put out by the government estimated that spam accounts for billions and billions of dollars in lost productivity each year in the U.S. alone.

Aside from this benefit, email filtering software also helps ward off would-be invaders such as viruses and Trojan horses. Most users can spot a virus and understand its potentially deleterious effects, but Trojan horses are different. Like the famed Trojan horse of Greek mythology, these programs look innocuous enough but contain pernicious surprises once they're opened. Their ability to destroy entire networks is all too familiar to most IT pros.

Take Control of Your Office with Email Filtering Software

You can keep a tight watch over your company's transmission of electronic data by installing email filtering software on every machine in your business. Whether you choose to make your employees aware of this or not is up to you. There are programs that can be installed remotely and offer no clues about their operation. By the same token, there are those that require direct installation, which may tip off your workers.

Sometimes, however, the mere threat of email scanning and filtering is enough to curb your workers' unwanted behavior. A lot of bosses find that open disclosure of their scanning and filtering tactics contributes to a more trusting and less paranoid work environment. Simply make it known to all your employees that your email filtering software is meant to cut down on unwanted junk mail and to screen out malicious code.

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