File Backup Software

Written by Serena Berger
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It used to be the case that you would be advised to back up all your files on floppy disks. Now that many new computers are made without floppy drives, you could back up your files to other types of removable storage, such as portable drives and CDs. As an alternative to backing up each file individually, you should consider purchasing file backup software so that you do not have to concern yourself with making a great number of backup copies.

File Backup Software Has Its Limitations

There is a difference between file backup software and software that can back up your entire operating system. File backup software is intended to create a backup copy of files like documents, media files, and databases. In contrast, system backup software essentially creates a copy of your entire hard drive so that it can be restored if your system crashes.

While system backup software is much more comprehensive, it is not practical for backing up files on a regular basis. You would need a large amount of storage space to create an archived copy of the full contents of your computer. File backup software saves you space by backing up file types that you can specify. Many file backup applications even allow you to back up your files without using a proprietary file type, meaning that you can restore them without using the software.

You should be careful in choosing the destination to which file backup software sends your archived copies. If your computer crashes and you cannot boot it up, it will do you no good to have your backup copy on the same drive as the original version. Many file backup software packages give you the option of backing up to removable media, another hard drive, or even another computer located on your network or the Internet.

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