File Mirroring Software

Written by Serena Berger
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File mirroring software is an affordable method by which you can ensure that you always have a backup copy of your files. File mirroring software packages create a second copy of a file at the same time that the original is created, but in a different location that you can specify. If you were to delete the original file accidentally or it became corrupted, you would have a backup copy that was as up-to-date as possible.

The difference between mirroring and replication software is an important one. File backup and replication software essentially backs up your data at regularly scheduled intervals. This reduces the amount of work that you could lose at any given time. File mirroring software, on the other hand, works in the background to duplicate files as they are changed.

Most file mirroring software applications are also capable of backing up your files on a regular basis. You can also customize these programs so that specific types of files are mirrored while others are ignored. This will further reduce the amount of disk space that you will need to back up your files, as only those that you specify will be saved.

Backup Options for File Mirroring Software

There are three options for locations to which you can mirror files. You could back your files up to a second hard drive or even the same hard drive in the same computer. This is known as Direct Attached Storage. You can also back your files up to a server on the network, known as Network Attached Storage. Lastly, you can mirror your files to another computer connected to the Internet, called Web Attached Storage. This can be very useful for employees who work from home, as they can mirror anything they do on their work computer to their home computer. In considering your options for file mirroring software, be sure to look for a package that gives you the flexibility to store data where it will be most convenient for you to access.

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