File Protection Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Any computer connected to the Internet is at risk. This is particularly true of computers that are connected using a high speed connection because these computers are typically always connected to the Internet. The combination of operating systems stable enough to allow users to keep their computers turned on for days at a time and high-speed internet allowing them to stay online all that time means that computers are constantly vulnerable to attacks.

The purpose of these attacks may be to hijack your resources. For example, someone might try to use your hard disk space to store media files that have been illegally downloaded. Others may try to gain access to files on your computer. If you store financial records or other sensitive documents on your computer, you should take measures to protect your files.

File Protection Software Keeps Unauthorized Users Out

File protection software is available that makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your files. While some programs let you password protect files, this feature usually goes unused because it is inconvenient to protect each file. Look for a program that requires action on your part as simple as dragging and dropping files into a protected folder.

The only way to ensure that your files are truly secure is if you only store them on portable devices, such as USB drives or CDs. Few individuals, however, are likely to go to such lengths because they believe that their files are completely safe. If your main concern is an unauthorized individual accessing your files, sufficient file protection software is easy to find online and most programs are easy to use. If, however, your concern also includes the possibility of data becoming corrupted, you should always keep a backup copy of the data on removable media or another computer.

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