Instant Data Replication

Written by Serena Berger
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Instant data replication allows you to recover any work that may have been lost if a system crashes. This can save you a substantial amount of time, as you will be able to retrieve the latest version of your work and not have to use a copy that may be a few days old. Rather than spending hours recreating work that you had already done, once your computer is up and running again, you can continue making progress on your work from its most recent version.

How Instant Data Replication Software Protects Your Data

Some programs have an ability to back up files already built into them. For example, Microsoft Word can be set to save your document on a regular interval so that you can recover it should you lose power. While this works well for individual programs in such a case, if your entire system were to crash (perhaps due to a virus) you might not be able to recover the backup copy that the program had created.

Some instant data replication programs allow you to specify the location of your backup files. If you have a second hard drive in the same computer, you might want to back your files up there. However, if that drive also became corrupted, you might still lose your data. If you are on a network, you could specify a networked drive as the location of the backup. You can also remotely connect to another computer on the Internet and store your files there. Instant data replication programs provide you with the flexibility to store your files wherever is most convenient for you.

Another limitation in many programs is a lack of recovery capabilities. With instant data replication software, you can set rules that govern which file types are backed up in real time. If you wanted, you could back up every file type each time that the files are modified. You can set rules and let the replication program run in the background, assured that the files you need are being mirrored.

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