Instant Messaging Application Sharing

Written by Serena Berger
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Instant messaging and application sharing can increase the productivity of your business if you have several employees working in teams to complete a project. One way that your employees might work in the absence of such software would be for each of them to work on the files online. The problem with this is that they will each be making changes and it will be difficult for them to keep track of who is making which changes and at what time.

Another possibility would be for all of the employees to meet and work around an individual computer screen. Such collaboration is more viable in a conference room if your company has one available, but much less so around a desk in someone's cubicle. As another alternative, however, your business could use software that enables application sharing and instant messaging so that employees can work together from their own offices.

Application Sharing and Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Some application sharing packages enable users to view or control another computer terminal remotely. Whoever is sitting at the terminal must grant other users access so that they can use the applications and files stored on the computer. Many of these programs work with any Windows applications, so you can use them regardless of the other specific software packages that your company might use.

Instant messaging has gained widespread popularity as a means of communication over the last decade. Instant messaging is as convenient as telephone calls, with the additional benefit that messages can be logged and referenced for future use. Combined with application sharing, instant messaging can allow your employees to work seamlessly together on any of their projects, and can allow you as a manager to archive and monitor their work online.

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