Internet History Eraser

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Internet history erasers can help you avoid potentially incriminating moments by destroying any record of where your session has taken you. A lot of times, website URLs can be misleading. Their domain names may be highly suggestive, even though the content found there is completely innocuous. Rather than take the chance of getting caught (even if you've done nothing wrong), it's so much easier to nip possible points of contention in the bud.

One thing that internet surfers must remember is that it's not just URL histories that can be dredged up and used against you. Your "My Documents" or "Media" folder contains just as many potentially damaging files. You may think you've merely opened an e-mail and viewed a short AVI file, when in reality you've logged a record of your media player's content that could easily be uncovered by a parent, a child, or a spouse.

Running Your Internet History Eraser

Run your internet history eraser, and you can wipe out evidence of everything from your click history to your keystroke record. It's mind-boggling to imagine that software exists that can track every single keystroke you make, but such is the reality of spy software. Running your internet history eraser periodically, however, ensures that no prying eyes will find these files. Your quest for total privacy doesn't end there, though.

You must also take care to eliminate records of instant-message dialogue boxes, ICQ files, and other client-to-client correspondences. Even if you wipe out your internet surfing queue and your browser's cache, your IMs may be left untouched. If somebody (a boss, a meddling underling up to no good) is looking for dirt on you, it doesn't help you to make their misdeeds that much easier, so be smart and take some basic precautions.

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