Internet Privacy Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Installing internet privacy software is one of the steps that you can take to ensure that your browsing and shopping behavior is not shared with other companies. If you've downloaded applications from the Internet, you may have inadvertently installed spyware applications on your computer. These programs collect data about your use of the Internet and report it back to the company--something that you probably don't want them to do.

The most common way to track your online behavior is through the use of cookies. Many companies use these for your benefit. For example, cookies allow you to return to the same website that you had visited previously and not have to go through the log in process. Sometimes they will make recommendations about products you would like or the arrival of items that you want.

Other cookies, however, are used to gather information for marketing and advertising reasons. You may not mind if your information is shared with other people, but if you are at all sensitive about your online privacy, you should take measures to prevent information from being shared. One way to do this is to delete all the cookies that are stored on your computer occasionally, which can easily be done in most web browsers.

Using Software to Guard Your Privacy Online

For a more powerful solution, you should download or purchase programs to detect and delete spyware. Not only will these programs identify cookies that are known to be dangerous, but they will also delete known programs such as toolbars and plug-ins that can compromise your system. These software packages are essential to ensure that your privacy is protected on the Internet, as they allow you to erase your tracks so that others do not learn more about your behavior than you would like.

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