Internet Security

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As the incidence of email scams, child solicitation, and identity theft has risen, the field of internet security has followed step for step. Today, internet security is a multibillion-dollar business that encompasses everything from antivirus programs to firewalls and virtual privacy networks. Moreover, new fields within internet security are evolving every day in order to meet new types of threats. It seems the thieves aren't getting any dumber.

Surely, though, internet security is only important for Fortune 500 companies, corporate top brass, and information merchants. After all, they're primarily the ones who transact sensitive information over their computers. There's really no reason for the private consumer who works in a low-wage job and lives a modest lifestyle to worry about internet security, right? In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Thieves Exploit Poor Internet Security...

...wherever it lies. In fact, most hackers won't bother tampering with the websites of established and high-profile companies, for they're more likely to have the resources to afford the best defenses. Many companies have entire departments dedicated to the management and protection of important data. One can only imagine what would happen, to take one example, if cyber-bandits were to crack the servers of the online auction site eBay. Several million users times one or two credit cards listed per user--well, you can do the math.

Hence, thieves train their sites on soft targets, such as unprotected users, many of whom feel no need for internet security. By using keystroke loggers and spyware, these hoodlums can steal everything from license and social security numbers to passwords and banking data. With that information, it doesn't take much too imagination to assume someone else's identity and ruin his or her life.

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