Multiple Digital Certificates

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Some businesses require multiple digital certificates. These are organizations that have a need to secure more than one domain name. In order to manage the distribution of multiple digital certificates, many distributors offer a comprehensive public key infrastructure program to businesses with multiple domain or host names. These PKI systems eliminate what could potentially be highly complex and laborious issues associated with using multiple digital certificates.

When an organization using multiple digital certificates sets up a public key infrastructure, they eliminate the need for continuous interaction with the original certificate provider. The public key infrastructure uses trusted root keys to sign certificates. Although these keys are designed by the original provider, they are then maintained by the client organization's own online security personnel.

Managing Multiple Digital Certificates

When a public key infrastructure is set up to manage multiple digital keys, the client organization is able to actively manage the distribution of keys and certificates. Most distributors provide an online interface for the client, where they can get an overview of their own PKI. While the keys are still validated by a trusted third party, the client can use the interface to control certificate requests, editing, and approval.

In order to set up a public key infrastructure for multiple digital certificates, an organization must meet the standards of the distributor. The distributor reviews the corporation to determine several significant factors. Does the organization have a good reputation, and a solid standing in the business community? Is the requestor part of the company that he claims to be representing? Are the domain names registered to the company in question? After determining the answers to these and several other questions, the distributor is then able to provide the client with a personal system for managing multiple digital certificates.

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