Network Backup Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Network backup software can be used by computers on any size network to make an archival copy of files that can rescue you should you lose your working copy. These software packages allow you to back up your files over the network to another computer instead of using removable media such as compact discs. Since it is likely that people will be working on a file on multiple occasions throughout the course of the day, this is much more efficient, saving them the time of backing up the file each time, removing reliance on their remembering to do so, and also minimizing the number of discs that would be used.

This method could be viewed as being similar to backing up your files to another hard drive. In the event that an individual computer crashes, the files will have been stored on the server. If a file becomes corrupt, however, you may still lose the file if the corrupted version of the file had been used to make the archive.

An advantage of network backup software is that it automates the process of archiving data so that each individual does not have to concern himself with it. Some backup software packages operate in real-time, saving a copy of every file each time that it is changed. Others can be programmed to back up files at regular intervals, ideally during the evening or night when a business is closed.

Using Removable Media and Network Backup Software

The systems with the best backup capabilities are those that couple network backup software with removable media. You could use network backup software during the day so that any changes made to files are captured should you need to restore the original files at any point. After work, you could then copy the files from the server (or wherever they were being stored) to a tape drive or discs so that you have a copy of the files as they were at the end of the day. This ensures that you will have a working copy of all files that is, at most, 24 hours old.

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