Online Secure Credit Card Payments

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Internet merchants know that the majority of their business transactions rely on the ability of their sites to receive online secure credit card payments. In order to win the trust and loyalty of consumers, a site needs to assure them that they can make purchases online without having to worry about cyber-theft or fraud. Merchants also need to know that they are protecting themselves against potential fraud as well.

In order to offer customers the strongest means of transacting online secure credit card payments, online merchants first need to enable the strongest Internet security protocol. The strongest method available is 128-bit SSL encryption. This protocol assures the company and the consumer that any data transferred between them will remain confidential and unaltered.

Accepting Online Secure Credit Card Payments

In order for a website to start accepting online secure credit card payments, they have to set up an account through a third party. This account, called an internet merchant account, is created at an offline banking institution. The banking institution verifies the businesses identity and information, and creates a method for their website to accept credit cards.

The internet merchant account set up by the website regulates and automates the site's financial transactions. However, because the account is managed by an outside party, the integrity of the company remains verified. The site can then create a secured online order form, which is the page from which the customer submits his payment information through the web browser. This order form is secured by digital certificates, which protect the data by encrypting it as it is transmitted online. This prevents the data from being read, stolen, or altered by any unauthorized parties.

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