Registry Clean

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The regular use of a registry cleaner yields all kinds of benefits for computer users. Faster internet connections and download times, better processing speed, and increased disk space are just a few of the reasons to invest in a registry cleaning application. More importantly, regular sweeps of your Windows registry can help you avoid system errors, stalls, and crashes.

Why exactly are registries the source of so many problems? Well, for one thing, they're constantly growing. When you first purchase your machine, your registry is intact. Each time you install or uninstall software or run a new application, however, that registry expands and fills with empty files, invalid entries, and other problems. That's just the beginning of your troubles.

How a Registry Cleaning Can Save You Heartache

A periodic registry cleaning ensures that embedded spies and other bugs are purged from your computer. It also helps eliminate traces from partially installed and uninstalled programs, which result when users fail to follow software loading instructions. Even when users do follow them, however, they must also manage the drivers that come along with new applications. It's quite common for these drivers to remain on a registry long after the program itself has been tossed.

In an ideal world, users would nab registry issues before they arise, which would prove a lot less costly in terms of both money and heartache. Many users would just as soon spend a few hundred dollars to repair their problems, which is fine, so long as their files are left intact. No amount of money in the world can replace lost Word documents, contact databases, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets, all of which can disappear when a registry bug crashes a computer's operating system.

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