Secure Online Payments

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Customers are only willing to transmit their financial and personal information over the Internet if they can be assured of its safety, which is why it is crucial for online businesses to provide secure online payments. The first step for an online business is to verify that their service provider can provide secure online ordering. This includes having measures in place to keep all exchanged data confidential. This is accomplished with the use of programs that encrypt information from the sender and decrypt it it for the intended receiver.

If the service provider can supply secure online ordering, the next step is for the business to open an Internet merchant account. An Internet merchant account is opened through an ordinary bank, but utilized to regulate all of a businesses online financial interactions. The merchant account is important because it assures customers of the site's integrity, as well as implements fraud protection measures for both the business and the customer.

Enabling Secure Online Payments

After these preliminary measures are in place, an online business can enable secure online payments by creating a payment system with the assistance of a third party supplier. The supplier builds a custom secure order form interface for the website. The secure order form should include a comprehensive itemization of all goods and services being sold by the site. This is the interface that the customer will use when transmitting their credit card information to the web server.

After the secure order for is completed, the supplier can enable secure online payments by affirming that all information added to and transmitted from the form will remain safe and confidential. This is accomplished by using digital certificates such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which creates a connection between the form and the server wherein all information transmitted from the form is encrypted, and can only be decrypted by a key available only to the server.

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