Secure Servers

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Secure servers are web servers that are capable of establishing a private and secure connection between an individual and a site on the Internet. This is crucial in insuring the privacy of web email accounts, as well as allowing a trustworthy method of online monetary transactions.

The connection established by a secure server protects the information exchange between an individual's web browser, and the site that they are currently connected to on the worldwide web. For the duration of the connection, the data can be exchanged between browser and website.

Secure Servers and SSL Technology

Secure servers use what is called Secure Sockets Layers technology (SSL) to create the encrypted connection between a website and an individual user. The SSL protocol was developed in 1996, and remains the industry standard for securing data exchanges online. Secure servers can only really be secure with the assistance of the SSL protocol.

The SSL protocol only allows the transmission of data to occur if it can identify and authenticate the server's key, and validate that it has been signed by a trusted certification authority. The protocol also makes sure that the certificate is only installed on the domain for which it has been registered, providing additional security for the user.

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