Security Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Security software can be useful in both your home and your office. If you have young children, you may want to limit their access to the Internet or monitor their online activity. People running a small business may want to limit employees' access to the Internet to reduce the liability of the company as well as to prevent employees from slacking off. Security software is effective on its own, but should be coupled with safe use of the Internet.

Up to 70 percent of children are exposed to sexually explicit material online. Simple web searches can turn up websites with pop-up advertisements that were not intended for children. You can prevent your child from being exposed to such material by installing security software on your home computer. With it, you can limit access to websites based on specific words, as well as preventing your child from divulging information to predators online.

Security Software for the Workplace

Security software is essential in an office. Many websites will try to install software on the computer on which they are being viewed. This poses a security concern on two fronts. First, it compromises the integrity of your network should someone try to install the software. Second, your employees should probably not be visiting such websites from the office. Security software can be used to prevent such software from being installed as well as to help enforce your company's acceptable internet use policy. This is very important given the large number of lawsuits being filed under the DMCA. If someone is illegally downloading copyrighted material from your office using the bandwidth that is intended for business purposes, your company is put at risk.

Antivirus and firewall software are common in business settings. You may need to supplement these security measures, however, by advising employees about acceptable computer use. Using file sharing programs, for example, puts your company at risk legally, as well as putting your information at risk if an employee downloads a virus with the illegal copy of a song that he wanted.

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