Server Backup Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Server backup software can protect your business from the devastating consequences that can result from losing data. Depending on the size of your company, you and your employees may store files on a server on a regular basis so that all employees can access them. These files, just like files stored on your local computer, need to be backed up on a regular basis so that you have a copy in case something goes wrong.

Working with Server Backup Software

If you have access to multiple servers, you may want to use them together to back up your files. You could use one server as a mirror of the other server. The limitation of this is that maintaining the second server can be costly, as you are essentially paying for a computer that will only be used in the event that your primary server crashes.

Most server backup programs make use of removable media, such as tape drives or optical drives. The advantage of this is that tapes and discs are relatively easy to store and allow you to keep multiple copies of files rather than overwriting them daily. After installing the server backup software, you can load an archived copy of your server's contents instantly to get your company up and running again with as little down time as possible after a crash.

And suppose you change the contents of a file, but find that you need the old version of the file. Since the server may only have the new copy, you want to be able to restore the old version of the file from a previous day's tape. Your company can determine for how long you need to backup your server. It may not be necessary to keep 3 years' worth of tapes that have been backed up on a daily basis. You can save yourself the cost of additional tapes by reusing the oldest tapes after your pre-determined interval has elapsed.

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