Spy Programs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Spy programs aren't limited to the basic functions associated with most spyware. It goes without saying that spy programs gather URLs from web sessions and track click-throughs within particular sites, but what about more advanced functions? For those in the surveillance game (either professionally or just for kicks) there's good news: the latest versions of some spy programs achieve new levels of sneakiness.

With the newest generation of spyware, detectives, bosses, or just suspicious spouses can capture information that's never even sent. Emails that are composed and discarded are still open to scrutiny thanks in part to desktop replicators and keylogging applications. Replicators allow remote parties to view everything that pops up on a monitor, including composed and deleted text. Keyloggers intercept signals in transit from the user's keyboard to specific applications. Both would make Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade proud.

What Else Do Spy Programs Do?

With spy programs, you're also able to monitor things such as chats, instant-message sessions, and message board activities. Many employees mistakenly believe that these sessions, which appear to terminate when dialogue boxes are closed, are unviewable to remote administrators. Hence, this is precisely the place where most bosses catch their workers "cyberslacking," as it's come to be known. Not only is participation in chats viewable, it's also recordable. There's not much that employees can do or say to exculpate themselves when such damning evidence exists against them.

Many spy programs also contain email management features that divert composed messages to the user's private inbox. If you suspect your workers are leaking sensitive information about your company, there's a simple solution. Have all their typed missives routed through your mailbox before they reach the outside world. Better yet, thanks to the latest technology, you can do this without their ever suspecting a thing.

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