Spy Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The world of spy software has seen remarkable breakthroughs in just the past few years. It's an oft-quoted truth that microprocessor speeds double roughly every five years (Moore's Law), but that may soon be dwarfed by the technological advancement of surveillance programs. It's now possible for private citizens to do things that only the CIA, NSA, and FBI are thought to do.

Spy software allows you to watch and record every single keystroke of your target PC without its user's knowledge. You can even watch the activity of several users at once, and not just within a single network. The most cutting-edge spy software on the market gives you access to any computers you choose to monitor, even if they're on 10 different networks. All you need are the user names of those you wish to spy on.

How Spy Software Works

Spy software works by placing tiny files on the target computer or computers. Those spy modules then relay information back to the user's machine in the form of log files, which record the remote user's activities. These log files not only capture the IP addresses of sites hit during web sessions, but any requests made of remote hosts, even failed ones. Thus, if an employee is only trying to access a site that he or she shouldn't be, you'll know about it instantly.

Therein lies another selling point of spy software--real-time reporting. The spy module you deploy on your remote machine transmits information as soon as it's input, letting you know when remote users are conducting web chats, downloading PDFs, viewing video files, or streaming any form of media whatsoever. Best of all, you can choose to have all this information beamed directly to a private website that only you can access.

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