Windows Backup Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Windows backup software can help you create a backup copy of any of the files that you will need in the event that your computer crashes. This does not just mean creating an additional copy of your documents. Windows backup software can help you to create archival copies of emails, contact lists, and favorite places, as well as your documents.

If you purchase a storage drive such as a DVD player, it will often include software that you can use to back up your files. These programs, however, may not be able to help you locate the files that you need to back up. You're likely to know how to back up your "My Documents" folder, but you may not know how to save your correspondence or your desktop settings.

Windows Backup Software Knows Where to Find Your Files

Windows backup software can automate the process of backing up all of your files by automatically detecting files associated with popular programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel. Windows backup programs may also be able to find the files associated with your preferences and desktop configuration automatically. Many backup programs also allow you to specify other file types that you want to be archived.

Backing up files is highly recommended, but as computer systems have become more stable many people have become lax in doing this. In addition to automatically finding the files that need to be backed up, many Windows backup software programs can be set to back up your files automatically at a time of your choosing. You can specify the location of the backup, whether it be an optical drive so that you can burn a copy to disc, or a second hard drive on your computer.

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