800 Internet Access

Written by Michael Federico
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800 internet access is one of the newest services available on the market. However, it is offered by so few ISPs that many people are still unaware of its existence. Those who have discovered this toll free system have found that they are saving money and that they have easy access to the Web throughout the country, and even the world.

A person with 800 internet access does not have to pay long distance connection fees when they are out of their home area. The number can be used in the Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. If it is necessary, a new number can easily be downloaded to increase connection speed.

Setting Up 800 Internet Access

An 800 dialup acts basically like any other dialup. However, it can actually function two or three times faster than most dialup services. When dealing with HTML, JAVA, and text pages an 800 access service can work 20 times faster than its more traditional counterparts. Moreover, using this type of service better ensures that a person will be able to connect to the Internet. Most people have experienced those moments when a dialup consistently rings busy, and access is denied. With a toll free number, the chance that this will occur is far lower.

An 800 service does not require any special software for setup. Users can switch to a toll free service over the Internet or over the phone. The service is equally effective for Windows and Mac users. PDA users can also use 800 dialup services to decrease their online costs and increase their roaming capability.

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