Cheap Wireless Internet

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Cheap wireless internet is one of the best selling tools many businesses have at their disposal to increase sales in a sluggish market. Cheap wireless access is frequently advertised in businesses like restaurants, hotels, motels, coffee shops, and book stores. All the research I've done indicates that becoming an internet hotspot, a business that provides wireless internet access to customers, is a successful way to bring in new business.

A Cheap Wireless Internet Success Story

The coffee shop down the street from my house is one of the businesses that has benefited from wireless, or Wi-Fi, technology. I must admit that I do spend far too much time in there, so I've seen the transformation first hand. There used to be only a handful of people in there during the day sipping on coffee and reading. Now that the shop provides wireless internet to customers, the place is bumping all the time.

This is good and bad news for me. While the constant buzz and energy of so many customers makes it more difficult for me to read in there, I can now bring in my laptop and work instead. Some of my best writing is done in that coffee shop and judging by the number of regular customers I see there everyday doing the same thing, I am guessing it's good for them too. And it goes without saying that all the new and repeat business is good for the coffee shop too which is no longer in danger of closing its doors.

The same phenomenon is occurring in hotels and restaurants all across the nation. Providing cheap, and in some cases even free, wireless internet access is revitalizing businesses that have suffered over the last several years. I've listed here only a few of the types of companies that can benefit from cheap wireless internet.Business owners in a multitude of fields, also, might find it useful to research becoming a wireless internet hotspot.

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