Corporate Internet Providers

Written by Michael Federico
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Corporate internet providers are making it cheaper and easier for companies to business online. A corporate ISP lets several people share one account. This can greatly reduce costs and it can allow a company to monitor what is being done on the Internet in the office.

Many ISPs that provide corporate packages offer prepaid plans. A certain block of time is given to a certain amount of people in the office. For instance, if five people work together, they could be given a plan that accounts for 568 hours. This ensures that businesses will only pay for online time that is actually used. When the 568 hours are up, another block can be purchased. Prices vary depending on the amount of people on the account, but a prepaid package can end up saving a lot of money for a company that is not entirely driven by the Internet.

Global Roaming Services Offered by Corporate Internet Providers

Some companies send several of their employees to various countries throughout the year. Usually, communication between the traveler and the home base is crucial. However, connecting to the Internet when out of the country can be difficult and expensive.

In order to ensure smooth interaction between those in the States and those that have journeyed to places like the UK, many companies have sought ISPs with corporate global roaming services. These services allow a person to access everything they would normally be able to access when they are out of the country. Global roaming also reduces the costs of dialups when traveling internationally.

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