Emergency Internet Access

Written by Michael Federico
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Emergency internet access services actually come in several different forms. One of the most popular methods of emergency or backup service is the prepaid plan. This allows a person to spend only what they want in order to have a certain amount of online access time. The prepaid plan, often coming in the form of a card, allows quick access from almost anywhere in the world.

Internet access is not often thought about in terms of emergency situations, but there are times when someone has to connect. It might simply be a deadline for a job or school that has to be met, but for those involved it is in an emergency nonetheless. If a DSL or broadband connection goes down, if a person's ISP is ringing busy, or if that person is away from their home computer, emergency access services can help.

Toll Free Emergency Internet Access

A new service that is bound to catch on when more people learn about it, is toll free access to the Internet. This allows people to travel throughout the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada without worrying how they are going to get online. Dialup fees through an 800 number are never more than a local phone call, and a person does not have to worry if she is in a region where local dialups are not available.

Toll free services make for extremely good emergency plans. 800 dialups are faster than average ones, and they are far more consistent. If someone's ISP is busy, it is a good bet that the 800 dialup is not. Also, people can change numbers or download new ones if necessary.

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