Free Wi-fi Hotspots

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Business travelers of all types already know the advantages of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Without the hassle of having to locate an internet connection, travelers can focus on their work and are more productive. They also know that being able to change venues and work in different environments has a positive impact on their work. That is why so many travelers make a point to seek out free hotspots in the areas they travel to and why businesses that offer these services are beating the competition.

Various Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Companies who advertise themselves as free Wi-Fi hotspots are able to attract new customers. Businesses in a wide range of industries are able to experience these benefits. Coffee shops are one example. They are a place where many professional and students go to unwind and also get some work done. Free wireless internet access will draw customers who might otherwise go to another location.

Hotels and motels are another type of business where free Wi-Fi is a tremendous benefit. A great deal of work is not actually done at the office, and hotel rooms that have free Wi-Fi access are quickly becoming a must for professionals on the road. Many chains are moving toward free access rather than a per hour rate, which tends to attract repeat customers in significant numbers.

Many restaurants are also finding that being a free Wi-Fi hotspot is advantageous to their business. This service often attracts the business lunch crowd of people who need to get out of the offices but also need to get things done during their lunch hour. A special note to restaurant owners: it is a good idea to equip all store locations from a single vendor who can provide technical support. A standard setup at multiple locations will reduce user frustration.

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