Global Isps

Written by Michael Federico
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Global ISPs allow people easy access to the Internet while they are traveling. Many providers do not give subscribers roaming capabilities, instead members are forced to pay extreme rates to connect to the Web when they are out of the country, or often, even out of their home states. If a person uses a global ISP she will be able to get online for no more than the price of a local phone call, no matter where she is.

The Internet is, at its core, technology that brings the international community closer together. However, it is still divided among countries and carriers. This means that a person in Iowa will have no problem looking up sites about France or even communicating with someone in Spain, but if that Iowan should get the chance to go to Spain, she will have problems communicating with people back in Iowa on the Internet, and she will most likely even have problems checking her email.

Benefits of Global ISPs

Using a Global ISP gives a person a single username and password that will work from all over the world, or at least the countries (usually over 100) where the company provides service. A good global provider can grant their members over 30,000 dial up phone numbers to choose from around the globe and over 25,000 numbers just in the United States, making access extremely easy for those who travel domestically.

Many global service providers make it possible for people to connect using a variety of products. Mac and PC access is available, as is access through many of the handheld products on the market today. A person can quickly and easily use her Palm or Linux to connect to the Internet while she is thousands of miles away from home.

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