High Speed Wireless Internet

Written by Seth Cotterell
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High speed wireless internet is one of the best ways for a company to make itself more marketable in a fiercely competitive market. Consumers have a lot of choices out there and sometimes find it hard to distinguish one business from its competitor. A great way to distinguish a business and attract new customers is by advertising as a source of high speed wireless internet access.

Many coffee shops have already learned just how beneficial offering high speed wireless internet can be. It brings in more new customers and keeps others coming back for more coffee and more high speed internet. Wireless internet access has become so important in the coffee house industry it has now become the expectation, not just an amenity.

High speed wireless internet is also an important factor in the choice of a hotel for many patrons. It is in fact quickly becoming the most important factor along with location. High speed wireless internet in the hotel room allows guests to communicate with the office and with family whenever they need to. As more hotels offer free wireless access, this too will become an important factor in guests' choices.

Can I Offer High Speed Wireless Internet to My Customers?

Changing a business location into one that offers high speed wireless internet access is not difficult. A Wi-Fi kit from a reputable vendor is all that is required and they are generally quite affordable. The vendor can walk you through installation and also should offer technical support. All a business needs to start with is a high speed connection of its own. A DSL or cable modem is sufficient.

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