Hotel Internet Access

Written by Michael Federico
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Hotel Internet access can be extremely expensive for travelers. Everyone is familiar with the little chart on the phone that breaks down the prices of various calls. A local call lasting only a few minutes can set a person back, and long distance charges aren't even worth talking about. This means that using a dial up service just to check email every few hours can end up costing far more than most people are willing to spend.

Very few ISPs have done anything to alleviate costs for their members who need to access the Internet while traveling. Business does not often stop when someone gets back to the hotel. Emails still need to be read and sent, and sometimes people will even have online conferences that they have to be a part of.

Using Toll Free Broadband to Lower Hotel Internet Access Costs

It is extremely difficult to find a company that offers a toll free broadband service. In fact, the number of providers that offer the service can probably be counted on one hand. However, it is one of the best and only ways to bring down the costs of hotel and rural online access.

Toll free broadband uses server side technology that can actually determine the quickest way to get web content to a user. It is generally two to three times faster than traditional dialup methods. A toll free number is used to connect to the Web, eliminating high local or long distance fees that occur in hotels. The number can be used throughout the Continental United States and in Canada and Puerto Rico.

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