Hotels With Wi-fi

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Free wireless internet access was once an amenity offered by only a handful of the choicest hotels. As the business world changes, however, free wireless internet is no longer a luxury but is fast becoming an absolute necessity and one of the factors that attracts new customers and keep others coming back again and again.

More Hotels with Wi-Fi

Hotels with Wi-Fi are much more common than they were even a few years ago. Hotel owners looking to boost business quickly learn that Wi-Fi is one the best and most affordable ways to accomplish this and over the next few years we should see an even greater increase in this trend. Hotels that do not offer this service will need to find other ways of attracting customers or face extinction in a competitive market.

It is actually rather simple for a hotel to become a Wi-Fi hotspot. All they need is a high speed connection. A T 1, DSL, or cable modem is all that is required. Then a Wi-Fi kit is installed that allows customers with wireless enabled devices to log on. It's that simple and statistics show that hotels with Wi-Fi attract more new customers and have more repeat customers than those without it.

There are several manufacturers that can provide a Wi-Fi kit for your hotel. Some are better than others, though. I suggest using a vendor that offers technical support and one that can walk you through installation of the kit. Also, look to see what security devices and protocols they have in place. Make sure a firewall is included to keep your systems protected from your users and your users protected from each other.

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