Hotspot Locations

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Hotspot locations are appearing all over the map. If you've not encountered the term hotspot before, it is a business that provides cheap or free wireless internet access to its customers. Hotspots are often found at places like hotels and motels for their business travelers, coffee shops and book stores for professionals and students, and restaurants too.

I first learned about Internet hotspots a while back when I was consulting with an old friend whose cafe business was stagnant. She had a small base of regular customers, but she needed to attract new ones and then keep them coming back. I did a lot of research and together we implemented a few solutions we thought would turn her business around.

Hotspots Succeed

When she contacted me not too long ago to share some of her results, she told me that business was booming. Her offering wireless internet access to her customers had not only brought in more new customers, but it built greater customer loyalty. New customers quickly became repeat business.

While I would certainly like to take the credit for this positive change, the truth is that her success is due to offering a convenience to her customers that they need. Hotspots take advantage of an Internet user's dependence on technology for everything from communicating with family, to virtual meetings, to research. The convenience of a hotspot in the neighborhood or on the road is not an easy one to pass up and is an affordable way for a business to distinguish itself from the competition.

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