Written by Seth Cotterell
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Not too long ago I was speaking with an old school friend of mine when the topic of Internet hotspots came up. She currently owns a small cafe in Bend, Oregon. Her cafe serves sandwiches and other light meals, coffee, tea, and snacks. The cafe also offers free wireless internet access to customers.

More than anything else, my proprietor friend credits her current success to the high speed wireless internet. Ever since she installed the wireless kit to her high speed DSL, she has seen a noticeable increase in new customers. She gets many more walk ins than she has in the past three years and she says the numbers just keep going up.

In addition to more new customers, my cafe owner friend says she is beginning to see the same faces come back again and again. The high speed wireless internet incentive is resulting in more repeat customers to her business. She is seeing a lot more repeat traffic, especially from the office complex down the street where regulars are starting to come on lunches and breaks with their laptops.

Growth of Internet Hotspots

This is not an isolated event but rather part of a growing trend across the nation. Cafes, hotels, and restaurants that become Internet hotspots are gaining a significant advantage over their competitors. High speed wireless internet access is quickly becoming the standard, not a luxury, at businesses around the world.

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