Internet Access In Europe

Written by Michael Federico
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Internet access in Europe is, for Europeans anyway, not that much different than access in America is for Americans. However, it is a very different story for Americans visiting Europe. Connection prices can be extremely high for people using their own laptops that they have brought over from the States. If the personal laptop or notebook is abandoned, accessing specific websites and checking email on certain domains can be difficult.

Everyone who has used the Internet on a fairly regular basis is familiar with dialup numbers. There are a few in a user's local area code that work. If those are all busy, or if a person is out of the area code, extra fees may be required to use a long distance number. Many people have given up on dialup and moved to DSL, cable, or any of the other high- speed alternatives. However, when someone is traveling, she cannot take those connections with her.

Using Global Internet Access in Europe

In recent years, more American ISPs have begun to offer global access services. Instead of giving members three or four dialup numbers to choose from, these services provide upwards of 30,00 numbers that can be used in countries located around the world. People with global access can easily find several numbers in most European countries.

The number is not really the highlight of global access. It is the money that the number allows a person to save. People with standard dialup service can find numbers in different area codes, but people with global service will only be charged the price of a local phone call to use those numbers.

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