Motel Internet

Written by Seth Cotterell
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I can remember days not too long ago when the only place you could get wireless internet access on the road was at high end hotels. Wireless internet is something I needed, but unfortunately many of those hotels were just too expensive to justify staying there. I was often hard up for places to do my work and sometimes was forced to spend too much on hotel stays.

Motels as Wireless Hotspots

Times have changed though. There are now more Wi-Fi providers in the market that offer better rates to venues. This translates into more wireless hotspots around the country and at lower rates. As a result, many motels now have the capability to offer wireless internet to their guests. Given the choice between a fancy hotel with no wireless internet and a Wi-Fi hotspot motel, I'll take the motel any day.

Thanks to motels with wireless internet, business travelers like me can save money while traveling and find it much, much easier to get work done when they're away from home or the office. Many motels offer very affordable rates. You can pay by the minute for quick email checks or downloads, or you can pay by the hour for longer stretches of work. You can even pay by the day or month if you're staying a long time.

Motels with a reputable Wi-Fi provider can offer very low rates for use of the system, and many are now even able to offer the service for free. Free wireless internet is a major selling point to business travelers. Motels that do have free access typically report an increase in first time and repeat business as well as overall customer satisfaction.

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