Prepaid Internet Access

Written by Michael Federico
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Prepaid internet access has shown that ISPs have taken a cue from the cell phone industry. In recent years, people have become unwilling to sign long-term contracts with cell phone carriers, because they don't feel like they will ever be able to get their money's worth. The commitment also makes it difficult to switch services if a person is unhappy with their current one. Internet providers have recently begun to encounter some of the same concerns from their potential clients.

Prepaid plans, whether cell phone or online, do not charge users for time that they don't use. Once a block of minutes or hours is purchased it can be used over the course of several weeks, months, or even a year. When the block is completed, the user has the option to buy another one, but is by no means required to do so.

Using Prepaid Internet Access for Emergencies

There are times when a person desperately needs to connect to the Internet, but he or she simply can't. Sometimes this occurs because a person is traveling, a broadband connection goes down, or an ISP is continually ringing busy. Whatever the cause, a prepaid account gives a person a back up.

Prepaid access services, like most online services, vary in price. A person can take the time to determine how much time she actually spends on the Internet and purchase a prepaid plan that suits her needs. Most prepaid accounts can be activated or updated by computer or phone. Once additional access time is bought, it should be available for use within 10 minutes.

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