Prepaid Internet Access Cards

Written by Michael Federico
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Prepaid internet access cards function in much the same way as a prepaid long distance phone card. Many a college student has been given the prepaid phone card by their parents (especially before cell phones took over the world), so that they would not have to call collect when calling home, and so that they would not have cost as an excuse when they did not call. The card was good for a certain amount of minutes, and when those minutes were up, time had to be added or another card had to be purchased.

A prepaid internet access card can serve the same purpose. If a person is only online occasionally it does not make sense for her to sign up for an expensive, long-term commitment to an ISP. Having the card will allow her to use the block of time at her leisure (most are good for a year), so that she is not being charged for time she does not use.

Using Prepaid Internet Access Cards as Backups

"You never know when you might need it," is a phrase that can apply to countless things. It is a phrase that has led people in the Deep South to cling to snow blowers that come out of the garage once every 15 years. It is also the phrase that has helped prepaid access cards catch on.

Inevitably there will be a time when a person needs access to the Internet and the broadband connection has gone down. If it is not that, then a person will have to sit there as her ISP rings busy over and over again. A prepaid card can help in this situation, because it allows a person to connect from almost anywhere within minutes.

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