Prepaid Internet Services

Written by Michael Federico
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Prepaid internet services are perfect for people who need occasional access to the Web but are unwilling to sign expensive annual contracts with an ISP. Prepaid services also provide great backup for broadband, cable, and DSL connections. Many people who have DSL or cable Internet actually pay for two providers, because their high speed connection does not allow them mobility, so if they need to travel they have to have an alternative.

Going with a prepaid plan can save people money if the plan is used by itself or in conjunction with another service package. In many cases, a person can actually save hundreds of dollars annually. Many people have also turned to prepaid services because they have seen so many ISPs come and go over the past few years. Sticking with a provider that offers prepaid internet access ensures that users will not be left high and dry if the technology market takes another dive.

Advantages of Prepaid Internet Access

Saving money is not the only benefit of prepaying for use of the Internet. People who use these plans can connect to the Web in countries throughout the world. They have access to dialup numbers that will reduce connection fees to the cost of a local call even if they are overseas.

In a world where cell phone companies and ISPs continually want long-term, high-cost commitments from people, a prepaid online service can provide a great alternative. Many people who have contracts with companies find that they force themselves to get on the Internet just to feel as though they are not wasting their money. For these people, year-long contracts simply do not make sense. It is far better if they know they only have to pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time that they can use at their leisure.

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