Rural Internet Access

Written by Michael Federico
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Rural internet access can be difficult for those who are not from the area. Often, there is no local dialup number, so people are forced to pay long distance fees to connect. Other times, people simply do not know the area code that they are traveling through.

There are not many options for those who have contracts with most ISPs when they are in a rural area. If it is absolutely necessary to get access to the Web, people will simply pay what they must. Many people do not even realize that there are alternatives to traditional ISPs that allow for lower access costs in rural areas and hotels and cheaper rates during cross country and even overseas travel.

Reducing Rural Internet Access Costs by Using an 800 Number

There are several companies that provide users with global roaming ability. This makes it easier and cheaper for people to access the Internet when they are traveling. Most providers that feature global roaming extend the service to over 100 countries. While these reduced prices are perfect for international travelers they do not do all that much to assist people who are traveling into rural areas.

The best way to combat access costs in rural locations is to use an ISP that offers toll free dial up service. Toll free dial up service is faster than most standard services and it can be used throughout the country. A single 800 number allows a person to check and send emails, conduct business over the Internet, or simply browse websites no matter how rural the location might be. It is no longer a problem if a small town or stretch of uninhabited country does not have a local dialup number.

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