Written by Seth Cotterell
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STSN is a company that specializes in providing high speed wireless internet access to guests in hotels, as well as other office settings. STSN and other companies like it are providing a highly valuable service to the countless business travelers and office buildings not designed for the information age.

Internet technology exploded seemingly overnight and computer technology evolved (and is still evolving) at mind blowing speed. Unfortunately, most office buildings and businesses with lots of customers like hotels simply can't keep up. They do not have the hardware or the setup to accommodate the ever changing world of internet connectivity. They would have to continually add and change traditional hardware in order to keep up with usage demands.

Wireless Internet for Hotels and Other Businesses

What hotels and other businesses can do is to go the wireless route. Wireless internet service companies provide the hardware and software necessary to make hotels compatible with wireless 802.11 devices. They can do this without the need to reconfigure systems. All the building needs is an existing T 1, DSL, or cable modem to get started.

When a hotel or other business offers high speed wireless internet to customers, it becomes what is known as a hotspot. A hotspot simply means a location or venue where customers can log-on to the network with their own wireless capable devices. Many businesses in a wide variety of industries are choosing to become wireless hotspots due to the increase in customer traffic and retention rates they create.

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