Toll Free Internet Access

Written by Michael Federico
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Toll free internet access can be a money saver for those who travel. Everyone who has had to do work on the Internet from a hotel knows how costly it can be. Hotels overcharge for local phone calls, so connection fees can be extremely high. Also, some people even have services that make it difficult or expensive to connect to the Internet from anywhere outside of their local area code, whether they are in a hotel or not.

Toll free services basically allow people to use a toll free number to connect to the Internet anywhere in the continental U.S. without having to pay extra fees. Having a toll free dialup number makes it possible to get access in rural areas that often do not have local dialup numbers, as well. This means that if a person has the right wireless technology, he could actually access the Internet without any problem and without any extra charges from a car as it drives cross country.

Other Benefits of Using Toll Free Internet Access

Saving money is the major reason most people look into getting toll free online services. However, toll free connection time and throughput speed is faster than traditional dialup. Web content is, on average, delivered twice as fast, but can sometimes provide information 20 times faster a local connection number.

ISPs that offer toll free access have taken into account the fact that more people are relying on the Internet to do business when they are traveling. The Internet made long distance communication and idea exchange between people much faster and easier than it had ever been in the past. Global access is simply building on that premise by removing the few things that hinder speed and convenience.

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