Toll Free Isps

Written by Michael Federico
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Toll free ISPs use the very latest in server side technology to provide their customers with high throughput speeds. In essence, the technology allows the computer to decide what will be the fastest way to deliver web content without sacrificing quality. This leads to a content delivery speed that is at least twice as fast as that of a normal dialup.

The speed that a toll free connection service provides is really just a perk. The main benefit comes to those who use the Internet when they travel. Instead of paying to use long distance connection numbers or the ridiculous fees that most hotels charge, a person can simply use the 800 number that a toll free ISP provides them. This number can be used throughout the country (fees in Hawaii and Alaska vary) and in Canada and Puerto Rico. With a toll free connection, people will be able to go online when traveling just as they would from their own homes.

Finding Toll Free ISPs

Despite the demand for such services, there are still very few ISPs that actually offer toll free connection. When looking for one, it can be a good idea to start with a company that provides global internet connection. These are providers that are concerned with making connection easier and cheaper for people no matter where they are, so they are often more likely to have toll free services, as well.

When looking for a toll free ISP, it is a good idea to find one that allows for the easy downloading of new numbers. If a particular 800 number is ringing busy, it is important to have access to a back up. It is also essential for someone to find a service that works with her particular system, or to find a provider that works with multiple systems like Windows, MAC, and the various PDAs on the market.

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