Wi-fi Components

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wireless networks have the same basic equipment as traditional networks. Wireless networks utilize routers, adapters, bridges, etc. just as traditional networks do. Wi-Fi components continue to drop in price too. The adapters and access points that were extremely expensive only a few years ago are now so cheap anyone can afford them. Many Wi-Fi components cost only one tenth what they did a few years ago and many laptops and PDAs come with the essential components built in.

Components of a Wi-Fi Network at a Venue

Rather than list all the components individually and tell you how much they cost, I'll give you a very basic overview of what a business owner needs to convert her venue into an internet hotspot (a location providing high speed wireless access). First, a high speed connection is required. DSL and cable modems are the most common type. A Wi-Fi "kit" is then purchased from a provider and installed at the venue. This provides access points for customers at the location.

Depending on your provider and the Wi-Fi equipment you install, you will be able to provide high speed wireless access to customers within range of the source. The range varies depending on the size of the venue and its physical layout. Large venues with few obstructions have much greater range and customers can have strong signal strength from a long distance.

Of course, your customers will need to have Wi-Fi capable devices. Laptops and PDAs with 802.11 capabilities are required. This can either come built in or achieved with an 802.11 networking card. These cards are the radio devices that transmit the high frequency radio signals required for efficient wireless communication.

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