Wi-fi Hotspots

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Places where on-the-go business professionals and students can access the Internet through a wireless connection are called hotspots. Hotspots are frequently established at hotels, motels, convention centers, bookstores, and coffee shops. Anywhere that caters to business people needing to stay connected is a good place to set up a hotspot. If you run an establishment that has this sort of clientele, making yourself a hotspot is a great way to increase business and earn repeat customers.

What Do I Need to Become a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

All a business needs to become a hotspot is a high speed internet connection. A DSL, T 1, or cable modem is all that is required. If you have this, you can use Wi-Fi technology to give wireless internet access to all your customers. All your customers need to take advantage of this service is a laptop with wireless capabilities. This is standard in most laptops but can also be added with the purchase of a Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless networking card.

Many businesses across the country have begun to experience the advantages of being a hotspot. The major advantage is of course attracting new customers. Anyone who wants to stay connected to the Internet no matter where they go will be drawn to hotspots. This includes traveling business people, students, and folks who simply want to stay connected to friends and family while on the road.

A second major advantage is repeat business. Once customers discover the benefits of high speed wireless internet access, they tend to come back to the places that offer it over and over again. The addition of new customers to a business and the retention of repeat customers are two reasons Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming such a hot trend in the market.

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