Wi-fi Locations

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wi-Fi locations are popping up all over the map. More and more businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of allowing customers high speed wireless internet access. Wi-Fi locations tend to attract more business and retain customer loyalty better than competitors that are not Wi-Fi enabled.

Surge in Wi-Fi Locations

The reason for the increase in business traffic and the higher rate of return customers at Wi-Fi locations is simple. Customers need Internet access all the time. Having a connection at home, school, or the office is no longer sufficient. Internet users need high speed access in order to work while on the road or away from home. Having a wireless internet friendly environment is one of the best ways to attract customers in today's market.

Wi-Fi locations are referred to as "hotspots." A hotspot is simply a business that has installed a Wi-Fi kit to their own high speed internet granting access to customers with wireless enabled laptops or personal digital assistants. Such locations include convention centers, hotels, motels, bookstores, schools, and coffee shops. Anywhere customers might want access to the Internet is a good place to set up a hotspot.

Wi-Fi locations do not require expensive hardware or technical support teams. If the location has a T 1, DSL, or cable modem, it can become a Wi-Fi location. The addition of a Wi-Fi kit from one of the various manufacturers is all that is required to become a hotspot and increase business. The best manufacturers will walk you through installation and offer technical support as well.

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