Wi-fi Networks

Written by Seth Cotterell
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People in my business who watch these sorts of things are noticing a dramatic increase in the number of Wi-Fi networks around the United States. Wi-Fi networks are what enable businesses to provide high speed wireless Internet access to their customers. This service is shown to draw more customers and keep them coming back over time.

Basics of Wi-Fi Networks

Any business that currently has a traditional high speed Internet system can add the Wi-Fi system. Simply install a Wi-Fi "kit" to a T 1, DSL, or cable modem and you're ready to go. The installation process is not complicated and the better Wi-Fi vendors will gladly walk you through it and offer technical support following the installation.

Once the kit is installed, your customers can access the Internet when they are within range of the system. Depending on the type of business you run, that range will vary. In a very large, open area like a big restaurant or a hotel convention center, customers anywhere within a few thousand yards can access the system. If your business is smaller with more obstructions, a small cafe for example, then about 2,000 square feet of signal is realistic.

Some companies choose to charge their customers a small fee to use the Wi-Fi network. Many companies today, however, find that offering this service free of charge is a good way to increase profit. As time goes by, I predict that the industry standard will move toward free access at all types of businesses.

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