Wi-fi Products

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Several companies are now providing Wi-Fi products to hotspot venues and end users in order to improve convenience in internet access and to provide it when it is absolutely necessary. These companies equip venues with the Wi-Fi products they will need in order to provide high speed access in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and airports.

Necessary Wi-Fi Products

The primary product a venue will need to order from a Wi-Fi provider is a kit that is installed to an existing high speed internet connection. The kit augments a T 1, DSL, or cable modem providing a wireless signal to customers with in range of the signal source. The kits are typically easy to install and the really good providers will help you with the installation process.

Of course, in order to utilize the high speed wireless connection your venue provides, your customers will need to be equipped with wireless (802.11) capable technology. Most new laptops already come with this capability built in, but those that don't can be made 802.11 capable with the addition of a wireless networking card. Customers can either purchase a card from an electronics retailer or rent or borrow one from your venue if you choose.

Laptops are not the only wireless capable devices that can be used at your hotspot location. Many PDAs are also wireless capable and can use the wireless signal your location provides. The best Wi-Fi providers will list their full product range and also provide technical support to hotspot venues at little or no additional cost.

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