Wi-fi Providers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wi-Fi providers are companies that provide the software and equipment that can transform a business into a wireless internet hotspot. A hotspot is simply a venue that provides high speed wireless internet to its customers. The venue can charge customers a small fee for internet access or provide it free of charge.

As Wi-Fi technology becomes more affordable and more businesses see the tremendous benefits of offering high speed access to their customers, more Wi-Fi providers are trying to cash in. Not all providers are created equal, however. Here is a simple list of things to look for to differentiate the not so good providers from the really great ones.

What to Look for in Wi-Fi Providers

First and foremost is of course price. A good Wi-Fi provider should offer several rate plans and be flexible. Some hotspot venues are small, some are large. Some venues will want to charge customers for access, some will want to provide it free. A good provider should recognize the differences and be flexible in helping their customers meet their needs. They should also emphasize security. You do not want the Wi-Fi system disrupting your internal network.

Due to its technical nature, you will also want to go with a Wi-Fi provider that provides technical support. Technical support plans vary between companies, but if you can find one that has free support 24 hours a day, you know you've found a really top notch provider.

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