Wi-fi Security

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wi-Fi, also known as "wireless fidelity," is the next big thing on the horizon for Internet users. Wi-Fi enables web users to access the Internet from locations all over the world, and it is done without wires or sophisticated, expensive hardware. Wi-Fi is totally wireless and allows high speed access to Wi-Fi enabled computers.

Travelers are able to connect to the Internet at "hotspots." Hotspots are places that provide the wireless signal free or for a small fee. Hotspots include coffee shops, bookstores, motels, and hotels. Many businesses looking for new ways to attract customers and retain customer loyalty are finding that they can do this by providing high speed wireless internet access.

Wi-Fi Security Concerns

One of the concerns I often hear from businesses considering offering wireless internet access is related to security. They want to be certain that their own systems are protected from wireless users before offering the service. This is a reasonable concern and one business owners need not stress over because Wi-Fi technology uses firewalls to protect your systems as well as those of other wireless users.

A concern I often hear from end users of Wi-Fi systems is also related to security. Some users are concerned that the Wi-Fi security systems will block their access to corporate communications or VPNs. Wi-Fi security technology will allow access to VPNs and corporate email accounts. It is important to be aware, however, that some companies do restrict access from Wi-Fi hotspots. Consult your company's IT department to see if there are any restrictions in place at your organization.

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