Wireless Internet

Written by Michael Federico
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Wireless internet services are sweeping the nation. Coffee shops, bookstores, and bars advertise their wireless capabilities in the window. Many apartment complexes even use wireless services as a perk to entice would-be renters. People are drawn to wireless internet services because they allow for easy mobility and high speed connections.

Despite the drop in technology stocks over the past few years, the Internet continues to be a lucrative business for many. The introduction of wireless technology represents the industry's commitment to producing products that truly make access as easy as possible for people. Consumers are no longer amazed by the fact that they have incredible amounts of information at their fingertips. They now want that information faster and they want to be able to get it anywhere.

Advances in Wireless Internet

There are now companies, like Nokia, that have products like the data card. This card serves as both a phone and a modem. People can plug the card into a PC's card slot and convert their PC into a wireless, mobile office space. A person can access the Web, send email, or do just about anything else they would need to do on the computer.

Wireless data cables let people connect their notebooks or PDAs to a digital phone. Once this connection is made, the person can than connect to the Internet. These advances and others like them are actually allowing people to connect to the Internet quickly and with full access while driving in a car. Of course, they are working on products that will soon make this process much faster.

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