Wireless Internet Cards

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wireless internet is not a luxury anymore. The old way of logging onto the Web by plugging a wire directly into a phone line is impractical and outdated. The necessity of wireless internet is so fundamental today that most devices have this capability built in standard. Most laptops and PDAs already have this feature.

Wireless Internet Cards and Wi-Fi Hotspots

The keyword however is most. Many laptops have wireless features built in, but not all. For those that do not, it is still possible to have wireless internet at your hotspot. All that is missing is a wireless internet card. These cards are inserted into your machine and enable you to access the wireless system. The standard card you will need is called the Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless networking card.

These wireless internet cards are fairly inexpensive and very useful. If you don't have one yet, you can still get high speed internet access at good hotspots. This could be a hotel, motel, restaurant, or cafe with a Wi-Fi system. Many of these locations offer wireless cards for rent or for free usage while you're at the location. This will enable you to do your work even if you've lost or forgotten your wireless card.

A small motel franchise manager I spoke with recently told me about her experiences with Wi-Fi and wireless cards. She turned her locations into hotspots just over a year ago and said the results have been dramatic. Not only has she attracted a lot of new customers, but says she has experienced more repeat guests than at any time during her eight years with the company. She currently rents wireless cards out for a very small fee, but is considering lending them to her customers at no charge as an added incentive.

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